About Incline

Incline Fit has been around since 2014 and in just four years has made radical moves in the fitness industry. Using extreme mindfulness and creativity Incline Fit has brought more newness to the fitness category than any like brand of its kind. From uniquely designed mats to thoughtfully packaged exercise balls (that include an exercise ball base at no extra cost) we are always thinking "How can we give more to our customers?" 

Our goal is not just to grow as a business, but to help, inspire and motivate those around us and our customers. We design fitness products that make working out more fun. We want to make our customers sweat more than they ever thought they could! 

The name Incline is a constant reminder that each day should be better than the last. Whether it is your fitness, mental health, relationships or whatever else you desire that you are trying to improve it all starts with one step. The very name is meant to encapsulate all of your ambitions, motivations and priorities into one. How are you trying to Incline?

Incline Fit is and will continue to be a leading lifestyle brand that will make quality yoga and fitness products available to everyone. 

Live Life on an Incline!