Adjustable Cable Jump Rope

$ 4.99


Goodbye sore hands, hello easy peasy cardio. Incline Fit brings you the answer to your problems with our new thick handle jump rope. The soft, compressible foam handles are designed for your comfort. Gripping the spongy material, you can speed jump rope your way to a healthier you. Jump roping for 10 minutes is equivalent to a leisurely 30 minute run and improves cardio health and muscle tone while also promoting weight loss. This highly durable thin jump rope measures nearly 10' in length and is easily adjusted to fit your height. Tall, short, or in between, this is the jump rope for you. The thin rope itself allows for rapid movements without the risk of tangling or twisting. Feel free to double jump and double under without issue.

  • Ergonomic soft foam handles mold to your grip for more comfortable jump roping
  • Ultra thin jump rope reduces air resistance and allows fast jumping
  • Jump rope is made of highly durable and tangle-resistant cable
  • Measures 10 feet long, easily adjustable for all heights
  • Improve your cardio health and jumpstart weight loss with a speed jump rope

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