Ananda 1 Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat - Non Slip Workout Mat For Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Meditation, Floor & Fitness Exercises

$ 37.99


Searching for workout mats for home? You've come to right place.  Incline Fit introduces the Ananda 1 Inch Thick Exercise Mat.  Ananda translates to bliss and joy.  It can be attained through regular, deep meditation.  Often it is difficult to focus and maintain that deep meditation due to discomfort.  Our fitness mat offers a perfect balance of cushioning and firmness to make sure you maintain comfort as you meditate, allowing you achieve Ananda.  Our workout mat, however, isn't only for meditation.  Whether it's yoga, Pilates, stretching, or other floor and fitness exercises, it will be able to provide you the support and comfort you desire.

  • EXTRA THICK FOR COMFORT: Firm 1 inch extra thick fitness mat provides support and alleviates stress on sensitive areas like joints, hips, hands and knees, thus making it easier to complete your exercises.
  • NON SLIP FOR SAFETY: Non slip exercise mat keeps you steady while the mat stays in place against the floor, allowing you to focus on your movements and poses, and also preventing injury.
  • DURABILITY: The thickness of the workout mats allows it to be more durable than other mats. Durable enough to endure everyday use, regardless of the intensity of your exercises. They are the perfect exercise mats for home.
  • BPA FREE: We care about the environment. Our products are free of phthalate, heavy metals, and latex. Please keep in mind that your exercise mat might initially give off a harmless odor. If so, unroll your mat and air it out for a day or two.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: If you’re exercising, you’re probably sweating. And if you’re sweating, you’re probably covering your mat in bacteria. Keep your mat clean and smell-free with a little soap and water and then lay it flat or hang it out to dry.


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