Deep Tissue Grid Foam Roller

$ 15.99

  • Stay healthy and boost fitness Goal progress: Use a foam roller to increase flexibility and range of motion in the hip, shoulders, legs and other body parts
  • Injury prevention and enhanced recovery: foam roll to stretch out sore muscles before or after working out or to help decrease injury risk and/or recovery time
  • Myofascial release: apply low-intensity forces to your soft tissue with the foam roller. Increase blood flow to help provide more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles
  • Relax your muscles and your mind: foam rolling stimulates pressure receptors beneath the skin to decrease muscle tension and relax the nervous System, thus reducing stress and boosting pain tolerance
  • Durable design: this Grid roller is multi-surface in order to help customize stretches and workouts. It is 13 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter making it easy to carry on the go

The Incline Fit grid roller transforms stretching out tight tendons and sore muscles into an effortless activity. Its shorter stature is easier to manipulate and properly place underneath your body, so you can target problem areas more efficiently. The firm grooved multi-surface exterior is ideal for massaging aching muscles and breaking down soft tissue, much like a physical therapist would. Use your preferred surface on different parts of your body to help customize workouts and stretches. You can also incorporate your foam roller into your exercise routine and improve your core stabilization, balance, and mobility, all without the high-density pressure that accompanies the use of other rollers. The firm but pliable resistance of this roller is suitable for young athletes and large adults alike. It won't lose its shape even after being used and abused for extended periods of time. Take the lightweight Incline Fit foam roller with you everywhere.