Pilates Ring - Firm Resistance Magic Circle for Toning, Stretching or Strengthening Abs, Legs, Thighs & Core; Travel-Friendly Fitness Ring

$ 19.99


Incline Fit brings you a cutting edge Pilates accessory. Our Pilates Ring is ideal for all resistance training. With non-slip foam pads on both sides of the ring, toning and strengthening has never been easier. Measuring 14" in diameter and made out of pliable steel, our Pilates Ring will hold up against daily use without weakening. Many competitors use a cheaper fiberglass that doesn't provide enough resistance, especially over time. Effectively tone and strengthen problem areas that plague many people. To strengthen your inner thighs, place the ring between legs and repeatedly bring legs together. To strengthen your outer thighs, place your legs within the ring and repeatedly separate your legs against the ring. Strengthening and toning your arms and chest is also easy to do. Hold the ring with one hand on each foam pad and try to press your hands together, release, and repeat. Our malleable Pilates Ring is simple to use and lightweight to travel with. Increase the effectiveness of your Pilates and strength training and improve and maintain proper spine alignment. Building muscle is a great way to alleviate pain. Start on your way to a healthier you today.

  • Tone and strengthen core muscles while enhancing the efficiency of other workouts, including Pilates
  • Improve flexibility and alleviate pain by building muscle
  • Pilates Ring is made of pliable steel with a soft rubber coating and comes complete with two non-slip foam pads to grip
  • 14 inches in diameter
  • Lightweight and durable, easy to travel with to workout anywhere

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