High Density Slip Resistant Yoga Mat

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Incline Fit High Density Anti-SlipYoga Mat

Incline Fitness introduces the High Density Anti-Slip Yoga Mat. Confidently fold over into Downward Dog on Incline Fit’s new yoga mats. Available in four classic colors, our ¼” yoga mats will optimize your workout, preventing slipping and sliding with its textured surface. Even as you sweat out all of your frustrations and toxins, you won’t have to worry about keeping your feet firmly planted on our anti-slip finish. Our yoga mats provide much needed cushion between you and the floor, so you can focus on getting into and maintaining those more difficult positions without being distracted by joint stiffness. The pliable composition also allows you to manipulate and fold our mats to increase your comfort when necessary. Our yoga mats are phthalate free, making your yoga practice healthier for you and your world.

For Your Posing Pleasure:

  • High-density 1/4-inch thick foam is exceptionally comfortable and provides more support for sensitive areas like Knees, hips, and hands
  • 6 Phthalate-free - free of dangerous phthalates, latex and heavy metals
  • 68 inch yoga mat length. It's a no-brainer for short people and tall people alike
  • Dual-sided texture provides optimal grip and comfort, prevents slipping, and is suitable for all types of yo
  • Versatile for a range of yoga types
  • Durable and long lasting68-Inch x 24-inch x .25-Inch. 1350 grams to help prevent peeling and lengthen the life of the mat
  • Moisture resistant, easy to clean surface

These mats have been designed with the intention of providing you with ultimate satisfaction throughout every use. They are not only thick, but they are also extra long, so you can move all over the place and still be met with the coziness of your mat. Gone, too, are the days of spine-hardwood floor impact. Roll up your mat and take it everywhere you go. 

You don't need to stop at yoga poses. You can use our mat for extra padding under your sleeping bag, more cushion under your knees when gardening, a better buffer for your behind on picnics, and maybe, if you feel like sharing the love, a comfortable bed for your pooch. Who knew yoga mats could be so versatile? We did.

How To Care For Your Mat

Our premium yoga mats need a little TLC, too. Spot clean with a damp towel, yoga spray, or gentle disinfectant, wipe clean, and lay flat to dry. Be careful not to leave your yoga mats out in the sun, as sun bathing may lead to faded and fragile surfaces.


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