Anti Slip Printed Yoga Mat (4mm & 6mm) - Thick & Non Slip Exercise Mat For Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Meditation, Floor & Fitness Exercises

$ 19.99


Incline Fit introduces the Extra Thick Printed Yoga Mat. Stop the slipping and sliding and stay put in downward facing dog. We've designed these non slip exercise mats with the practicing yogi in mind, amateur and expert alike. We've perfected the balance of support and comfort while avoiding permanent indentations caused by the pressure of your appendages. Though the fitness mat molds itself to your body, it doesn't stay flattened after you've moved into another position. Whether at home, the park or the studio, this is the requisite accessory for all your yoga, Pilates, stretching, meditation, fitness and exercise needs.

  • Choose from a variety of beautiful one-of-a-kind designs and become the talk of the studio or show off your exercise mat at home for family and friends to see
  • Our extra thick, non slip printed yoga mats provide support to reduce stress on sensitive areas like joints, hips, and Knees. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, stretching, meditation, and floor exercises
  • With improved stability, extra cushioning, and added traction, you'll be able to stand taller, stronger, and more balanced for more efficient workouts, deeper stretches, and faster muscle building
  • Our products are free of Phthalate, heavy metals, and latex. Please keep in mind that your fitness mat might initially give off a harmless odor. If so, unroll your mat and air it out for a Day or two
  • If you're exercising, you're probably sweating hence you're likely covering your exercise mat in bacteria. Keep your mat clean and smell-free with a little soap and water and then hang it out to dry

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