Steel Macebell

$ 27.99


It’s time to feel stronger with the all-steel macebell from Incline Fit. Exercise your entire body like nothing before it could (move aside dumbbells). The round metal head is expertly crafted and its weight is perfectly and evenly distributed. This makes it safer to use and ideal for training specific muscle groups more effectively. With an all steel construction, this macebell is virtually indestructible. Use it day in and day out in your strength training routine and never be concerned about abusing it too hard. Use it for crossfit training. Use it for resistance training. Use it for rotational, full-body, and combat training. Whatever exercise style you prefer, this macebell is sure to make your workout more efficient. Incline Fit’s macebell is the perfect workout companion for improving core and rotational strength. But by incorporating this piece of equipment into your training, you can also boost your endurance, speed, grip, and agility. You’ll be working out power muscle groups in addition to smaller muscles. Easily increase or decrease resistance by moving your hand closer or further down the handle. Be prepared to get the most out of your training session with more challenging movements.

  • Virtually indestructible: Fully formed and made completely out of steel, these clubs are heavy-duty and basically unbreakable. Don't be afraid to use it and abuse it
  • Multi-purpose: use this steel club for everything from strength training to rehabilitation
  • More efficient workouts: improves range of motion, flexibility, and strength in specific groups of muscle
  • Safe alternative: these steel clubs are perfectly balanced and have a rounded group for a more consistent workout with less risk of injury
  • Weight: available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 lbs

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