Oak Water Rowing Machine with Monitor

$ 699.99

If you're looking for rowing machines for home use, then you've come to the right place. Introducing the Incline Fit Oak Water Rowing Machine. Our row machine offers a real-life rowing experience, as it simulates real outdoor rowing.  You will now be able to enjoy that in your own home.  Build muscle, burn fat and tone your body by engaging your whole body in a natural, low impact motion.  Whether if you're an avid rower or someone just looking to improve their fitness, this machine is a must add to your home gym equipment.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: From the placement of the foot pads and straps to the firmness of the seat cushion, our row machine was designed to make sure you feel comfortable as you work to be your best you.

FOR EVERYONE: People of various fitness levels, from beginner to rowing expert, can utilize our rower to help themselves accomplish their health goals through a safe and low impact exercise.

FULL BODY WORKOUT: With every stroke, you are engaging in a full body workout and activating your major muscle groups.  You reap the benefits of both muscle building and cardiorespiratory activity.

REALISTIC EXPERIENCE: Our row machine will give you the feeling of real-life outdoor rowing, but in the comfort of your own home and on your own time.  They are the ideal rowing machines for home use.

MONITOR: Included is a monitor that keeps track of important statistics during your workout like Strokes Per Minute (SPM), Time spent rowing, Distance rowed, and Average Calories Burnt per hour.


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