Microfiber Slip-Resistant Thick Yoga Towel

$ 9.99


Stop slipping and sliding during your yoga practice with an extra-long and extra-soft microfiber towel. Use it to cover your yoga mat to keep you dry, comfortable, and standing still and strong, whatever pose you’re transitioning into. But this good-looking towel isn’t only for yoga, oh no. It’s as versatile as child’s pose is relaxing (you’re lying if you don’t like child’s pose). Use it while you’re on the go in your car. Use it while you’re camping. Use it while you’re backpacking. Use it while you’re doing cardio on the elliptical for the third time this week. You can even use it as an actual towel (bizarre, indeed).

  • Ultra-absorbent fabric: microfiber quickly wicks away and evaporates moisture to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your yoga practice
  • Added stability: be a better yogi with a more stable practice. Cover your mat or Use alone for improved traction and less slipping and sliding. This towel stays in place so you get a better workout
  • Increases hygiene: add a hygienic layer between the mat you might not have washed for a couple of practices (oops) or might be borrowing from the studio
  • Decrease carry-load: instead of carrying your mat from home to studio you can bring a lightweight towel that you can take home and machine-wash to place above studio mat
  • Machine washable: machine wash using cold water with like colors. Conveniently Tumble dry on medium option

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