Round and Rectangle Supportive Yoga Bolster Filled with Cotton and Includes Machine Washable Cotton Cover and Carry Handle, Cylinder

$ 39.99

  • Snug fit: you will find that the Cylinder Incline Fit meditation cushions are the perfect fit to help relieve joint-stress and provide spine support while you sit
  • Removable zip cover: easily unzip the cover from the meditation cushion and Throw it in the laundry to keep your meditation cushion germ-free
  • Easy-to-remove/add filling: the Incline Fit meditation cushion has an inner-case inside that can be zipped and unzipped to add or remove the buckwheat hull filling
  • Multi-purpose: the Incline Fit meditation cushion can double as a pillow or even a yoga Block when you need to get creative and don't have a better alternative handy
  • Easy to carry: the Incline Fit meditation cushion includes a handle to make moving and carrying the cushion extra easy

It's time to be mindful with your meditation practice. Discover your core like you never have with the Incline Fit meditation cushion. Made up of buckwheat hulls on the inside with a cotton cover, this meditation cushion is durable and easy to carry on the go. Use the zipper on the inner case to conveniently remove the buckwheat hulls in order to wash the covers (machine washable!) and then pour them right back in. The meditation cushion can double as a pillow or even a yoga block if you don't have one handy. The handle attached to the bag makes it easy to take on the go